Fill The Journal – Speaking Truth Into Our Souls

I highly doubt I am the only one who has multiple notebooks laying around their room, some with a little bit written in it or nothing at all written in it. So knowing I had lots of journals laying around I decided to do a little challenge, I am going to fill up an entire page of a journal throughout the day. I’ll carry it with me and write down some small things I have thought about, or when I can’t do that, at the end of the day I’ll just write out anything on an entire page.

I have been doing this “fill the journal” thing for 5 days straight, and so far so good. sometimes I wonder how I’ll fill a whole page. And then some days I was writing in the margins. I definitely challenge you to carry around a notebook to capture your thoughts, worries, and words. Because I know I can never remember everything I have thought of. Most of the times I am thinking about cookies or anything sweet, but I promise I haven’t just been writing down different kinds of desserts in five pages of a notebook, or am I?

One thing I know for sure is that this journaling challenge so far has brought a lot to light about my relationship with God and just how much I need that to be steady and secure. When you are writing so much down and your just letting your brain work out your problems and struggles, God seems to bring your heart to the surface and show you just who He is and how He can take control of those problems and struggle. I’ve gone back to read a few of my days and it is hard reading your problems, I realize I have a lot of problems, trust me a lot, but I know only He can fix them.

With the notebook filling challenge you don’t give yourself a topic or anything to go with for that day. Even though some days that is just what happens, you are having a struggle that day and you’ve just got to write it all out. Get it all out in the open, and let God know you do see that problem, and you need His guiding hand in it.

A few times on my days of writing God just seemed to pull right out of me the truth of what I am always thinking, or better yet overthinking. overthinking is a MAJOR struggle of mine. I hate to admit it because overthinking is just plain annoying. It really gets to you and makes you think things that I know the Lord doesn’t want us thinking. But a lot of my pages, or days, have been about overthinking, fear, analyzing situations, and letting the devil speaks lies into my life. Whoa, can I get an amen on just how much the devil just loves to attack Gods children with lies?!

Our soul needs truth spoken into them. We, as believers, constantly have things that assault our soul, or seek to distract our central focus. 

Anytime we let the devil tell us lies that make us worry, stress, fear, analyze, or overthink, we are slowly letting our minds and heart believe that those lies are true. Everything that Satan tells us to make us worry, fear, or overthink is a lie and we have to fight those lies with the truth that God tells us in His word. His word gives us truth, and that truth helps us realign our thoughts back to Him, back to what HE tells us, and what He knows we need to hear as His children.

“Fasten the belt of truth around your waist” Ephesians 6:14a

We know that those things– fear, stress, worry, overthinking. All of those things don’t get to sit on His throne. We know that, but we have to remind ourselves, tell our soul, speak it out so that our souls can hear us confessing “all the glory to God.” Only the truth our heart and souls hear can free us from the lies Satan tells us. We can try our best to win a battle against him ourselves, but the only way to win a fight against Satan is to speak Gods truth out for us to hear and Satan to flee.

“Mold me, shape me, until I think like you Lord.” Romans 12:2

What truths are you telling yourself? Are you letting Satan tell you lies that are crushing you? These are all questions I have asked myself, that make me realize I am letting Satan think he has a hold of me, that he has his foot in the door to let me make this other reality where all my fears and overthinking have become real and true. But only Gods truth is reality, only those things He tells me can lift me up otherwise Satan’s lies will tear me down.


It is easy to get caught up in a spiral of overthinking and fear, that’s where Satan gets me, those are the things filling the first 5 pages in my notebook (maybe a mention of cookies here or there, just kidding).  I am really trying to get to the point where I don’t overthink every little things, but I think it may be a while. Was I just over thinking that?? I know that my God is all powerful and anything Satan says is a lie, because he is just trying to manipulate me into thinking he is right. But in this reality, the reality of this world where Jesus Christ reigns forever, He is ultimately the only one who can speak to me and speak life into me. The devil doesn’t want us to know what we are capable of as children of God, that is why he feeds us lies. He wants us to think less and less of ourselves that way he has a foothold into our reality and has the capability to changing our thoughts of reality.

“Because Christ and our faith in Him, we can now come boldly and confidently in Gods presence.” Ephesians 3:12

So the next time you know Satan is trying to speak lies into your life you speak truth. When he is telling you that you aren’t worthy, loved, seen, heard, favored, fought for, and forever wanted by the creator and Savior. Speak truth out of your mouth and into your soul, so that you are reminded that you are worthy, loved, seen, heard, favored, fought for, and forever wanted by the creator and Savior. When you are speaking that truth, He comes near. He comes to you and fills you with even more truth, He comforts you with the embrace of a loving Father, so that when you feel those fears His truth protects in only the way a Savior can protect you.



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